On this page, you will find monthly events that will take place at PILC. You will need to use Adobe Reader to view these files. You can also download them by right-clicking with your mouse on the icon, then choose "save target as." The calendar can then be placed anywherre you want on your computer.

2017-2018 school calendar

September 2017 academic

September 2017 sports and events

October 2017 academic

October 2017 sports and events

October 2017 residential

November 2017 academic

November 2017 sports and events

November 2017 residential

December 2017 academic

December 2017 residential

January 2018 academic

January 2018 sports and events

February 2018 academic

February 2018 sports and events

March 2018 academic

March 2018 residential

March 2018 sports and events