The Pierre Indian Learning Center offers students in grades one through six a unique educational experience. Lower level classes (grades one through six) are self-contained, while upper level grades (seventh and eighth) are departmentalized. All students receive an education in accordance with the State of South Dakota Content Standards. PILC provides on-site special services as needed. Examples of these services include speech-language therapy, resource room services, inclusion support services, and a licensed school psychologist available to provide diagnostic and psychological testing.

Instructional methods used at PILC include precision teaching methods, diagnostic-prescriptive teaching applications, specific reading fluency and phonological coding/ multi-syllabic decoding practices, and integrating content standards into the curriculum. Our school also uses Applied Humanism when working with oppositional-defiant students.

To learn more, contact us at:  (605)224-8661.


Academic Policy

Consistent and punctual attendance is required of students each and every day while enrolled at the Pierre Indian Learning Center.

No students may be checked out during the school day from 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

View Student Life for more information about residential and weekend policies.