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Travel Schedule for 8/22/16

Macy/Sioux Falls

8/23/2016 9:00am Macy pickup at the Tribal Building
12:00pm Sioux Falls pick up

North Dakota
8/23/2016 8:00am Belcourt pick up at Sky Dancer
10:00am Ft Totten pick up at ‘Blue Building’
1:30pm Bismarck at the Kmart (northside)

Pine Ridge
8/22/2016 leave
12:00pm pick up is at (mountain time)

Rapid City
1:00pm (mt) pick up at Kmart parking lot

Wakpala/Ft Yates/McLaughlin/Eagle Butte
12:00pm Wakpala pick up at the school in Wakpala
1:00pm Ft Yates pick up at the Tribal Office
2:00pm McLaughlin pick up at the Bingo Hall
3:00pm Eagle Butte pick up at the LTM store
*times are all based on central time

8/22/2016 2:00pm pickup at Turtle Creek in Mission

Lower Brule/Ft Thompson
8/22/2016 5:00-6:00pm students will be picked up

Pierre/Ft Pierre (3 students)

8/22/2016 5:00-6:00pm students will be brought to campus


Welcome to the new Pierre Indian Learning Center website. The Pierre Indian Learning Center is an off-reservation boarding school for Native American children. The school is located in Pierre, South Dakota and serves as an educational center and living area for approximately 250 first through eighth grade students annually. These students come from fifteen different tribes in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

The Pierre Indian Learning Center operates a therapeutic model that helps all students progress through past experiences so that they may be successful in the future. The model is designed to meet the emotional, intellectual, and cultural needs of our students.

Driving directions:

Take highway 14/34 east through Pierre until you see Lowell Ave. Turn right and continue south until you come to the corner of Lowell and Sully Ave. Turn left onto campus.










Contact information:

Call (605) 224-8661 for further information about the Pierre Indian Learning Center.